What is a Call To Action / CTA?

If you’re looking to turn your social media posts into sales and your audience into customers, you need to know what a CTA is.

A Call To Action (sometimes abbreviated as CTA) is a prompt to get your audience to take a specific action. Put simply, a CTA is the part of your content where you ask the reader to so something.

Most likely to be seen at the end of a social media post, blog entry or web page – a call to action can appear anywhere on a website. For instance, on social media, you might see the CTA in the post caption, on the post picture itself, in a story or even in a message or on the profile page.

Simple CTAs such as: a story poll, a question at the end of your post, asking your audience to save, like or share your post will all help to boost your engagement.

The aim for more in depth CTAs such as:

Click to download, Sign up for a trial, Get a quote here, Shop today.. etc is to boost your business. For best results with these, you will need to encourage participation by writing a good quality CTA.

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