Social Media Video

Did you know that video is the best performing content type on social media?

Here are a few things to consider when making and sharing video content.

1: Have an idea of the goal for your video.

Plan it just as you would a text or image post. Make sure you plan a video that gets your message across.

2: Think about using a tripod.

If you’re making product videos think about a way to keep the camera steady. The last thing you want is a video where your product is not in focus or the camera is wobbly.

3: Look up the correct size and image orientation for the platform you’ll be uploading to.

For instance, landscape orientation is best for YouTube, and portrait is best for an Instagram/Facebook story.

4: Become comfortable with the camera.

If you’re feeling nervous about starting with video and you don’t feel quite ready to shoot and upload “proper” video content, try starting by recording a couple of fun Instagram and/or Facebook stories. Try and do a video story at least once or twice a week and build up from there.

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