Lyla and Leche is a delightful small business which specialises in clothes for breastfeeding mothers and I was lucky enough to have a chat with Laura, the co-founder of the business.

The idea for Lyla and Leche is a simple, yet brilliant one. Laura, a breastfeeding Mum, found a gap in the market. Why do women who are breastfeeding have to choose between the ease of wearing nursing apparel or looking and feeling stylish? Why did nursing/breastfeeding clothes have to look so shapeless, frumpy and ‘flappy’?

Laura then joined forces with a friend with experience in the fashion industry, and now Lyla and Leche has created on-trend pieces that allow all breastfeeding mums to feel fab in the clothes they are wearing and whereas Laura says that their pieces are not maternity in fit, they have been specifically designed to flatter the post-partum body.

Lyla and Leche has so far brought two dresses to market, with cleverly inserted zips that run the length of the bust to allow for easy feeding when out and about with your baby.

Lyla and Leche dresses are currently available in sizes 8-16 and at the moment, some sizes have sold out. BUT! In mid September there will be a big restock and the range of sizes will increase and range from size 8 to size 20!

In other news, they have a new dress in production which will be ideal for Autumn/Winter. Laura didn’t show me a preview, but she did give me a clue and told me to ‘think tights and boots etc’ and now I can’t wait to see – because I love autum and also, I love a product drop!

Lyla and Leche’s brand promise is a line of clothing that puts the fashion back into feeding with beautiful, high street inspired breastfeeding clothing to make every Mama feel fab. No flaps, no mumsy wraps and not a Breton stripe in sight!

You can find Lyla and Leche on Facebook or Instagram, or you can click here to be taken to their website.

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