BLOG: March 2021

Well this month has been exciting as I signed two new clients!

In 2019 I got married (see picture!) and my bridesmaids wore some lovely, unusual dresses from an absolutely delightful little dress shop in the town where I live. Little did I know back then, but fast forward almost two years and that lovely little dress shop is one of my first clients.

I’ve only been asked to work on their social media for just next month as the owner hasn’t been very well so it’s very temporary but I was really pleased!

Then a few days ago I was asked to look after the social media for an independent group of optician practices. This one is interesting because it’s a group of four practices, so it’ll be four Facebook pages (three somewhat established and one not yet made as the fourth is new to the group) as well as one Instagram account to be started from scratch for the whole of the group.

This one will be ongoing, for at least six months. The nerve wracking thing for this one is that I need to have a Zoom meeting with the owner and the senior staff on Wednesday. I have successfully managed to completely swerve Zoom (and video meetings in general) all the way through the pandemic-induced Zoom boom, so I don’t even know how to use it!

Feel like I always sign off with this.. but..

Wish me luck!



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