Myself with Isla the dobermann and my husband Thom

BLOG: Here I Am!

I have been a business owner since 2013 and last year I started doing some social media work for friends and family.

Exactly one week ago, I went on a hike in the mountains with Thom (my husband) and Isla (one of our dogs) and I started wondering whether I should actually make a go of this social media malarkey and turn my side hustle into a real business.

Aaaaaand then, in true Francesca Blackmore style, within about ten minutes of getting back to civilisation – I had decided on my company name, registered this domain name for a new website, applied for a business bank account and registered with Companies House.

What can I say? When I go for something, I go for it!

The long and short of it is that I am now an owner of two actual businesses.

So I am now officially open for new clients who need a social media manager, but I’d also like to help small and micro businesses as much as possible because I remember what it was like to be a new, small business with a non-existent marketing budget.

So I need to decide how I’m going to do that and also how I’m going to get some new clients on board!

Wish me luck.. I’ll keep you updated!


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