Have You Set Up a Web Alert?

Have you set up a web alert? Do you know what a web alert is?

A web alert is a simple but brilliant idea – you set up a word or phrase (such as your business name) and when that word or phrase is mentioned on the internet, you’ll get an email with a link to the new page.

I want to always see when my clients are mentioned online so that I can repost onto their social media accounts, or write about the mention on the company website. So I have Google alerts set up for my clients.

This morning I was sent an email with a link to a news website, with an article about my client’s new product and all about their business. So now I have some easy material for another post!

So, now you know what a web alert is.. here’s how to set one up!

1: Make sure you’re logged into a Google account and head to www.google.com/alerts

2: Type the brand or phrase that you’re looking for into the big blue box. If it’s a phrase with several words, be sure to put it inot quotation marks ( ” ” )

3: Check the preview. If it’s not right, edit the phrase.

4: Click “show options” to edit frequency of emails, sources, language and region etc.

5: Click “Create Alert” and you’re done! Any new matches will be emailed to you.

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