Full of Happiness and Gratitude Today

I am full of gratitude this morning!

One of my big clients has asked me to increase the time I spend on their accounts by another half. I’ve only been working for this client for a few weeks and their insights are looking good so I’m really glad that they can already see value.

They’re a large scale business, located in Wales and they’re very community minded so I really enjoy working their accounts. They’re a great client with SO much for me to write about.

This obviously means that my earnings have increased also which is lovely – because I need to get myself an office!

Then – when I thought yesterday couldn’t get any better – a new client contacted me and hired me for the month of March because she’s too busy at the moment to keep her accounts going as usual. I’m REALLY excited about this one because it’s actually one of my very favourite shops!

A happy dance was done yesterday and today I’m off to my day job at my other lovely business.

I hope you all have a lovely day!

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