Audit Your Instagram Page – How and Why?

Social media audits are SO important and carrying them out regularly can really help to up your social media game.

A social media audit allows you to look at your content with fresh eyes, helping you to indentify what is going right and what is going wrong with your posts, so that you can readjust the focus of your marketing if you need to.

Audits are a very important part of social media marketing and even though you’re probably very busy, you should take time to perform audits now and again.

Have a look at your Insights, and see if there are any posts which didn’t quite get the same levels of engagement as the others. Have a look at how the content differed from the posts with better rates.

Was there a post that did brilliantly? How did that one differ to the others? What could you do to try and repeat that progress in future posts?

Try to consider everything about your post. Look at your use of hashtags, location tags, the caption, the imagery, video vs picture, single picture vs carousel and even the time of day

With this information in mind, consider what you could do to improve your future posts and don’t be afraid to stop posting certain content if it consistently doesn’t perform.

How often you perform an audit is up to you. I perform them at the end of every month for each of my clients as part of my monthly reporting and that works really well.

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