BLOG: April 2021

Well, April has been a great month for me and for my little business!

The most exciting recent development is my new office! Working from home was very difficult with two teenagers and a husband also working from home so I have had a pretty little office built in my garden. As you can see, my dog, Ember is a big fan and she likes to sit just outside my office, basking in the sunshine!

Work-wise, everything is going well – but I haven’t quite found my balance yet.. whereas this is supposed to be part time, I feel like I’m always in work mode but I’m sure this will all calm down now that I’m able to work more productively in my new office.

My client list is the same, I have the large scale oil company and the restaurant. The dress shop has asked me to stay on for another month and the independent chain of optician practices is going well and they seem happy with my work so far so everything is going quite well at the moment.

I’ve started doing some little promotions on my social media – trying to find ways to help small businesses to get the most out of their online presence for free. I hope I can come up with some ideas because I love small businesses and I really want to see them all do well!




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